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If you place your trust in Framini products, the manufacturer will reward you with 2 years of free elimination of possible defects on the product.


The guarantee will not be recognized in case if:

  • The product is not installed by the professional.
  • The product is used in rooms with constant, very high humidity level (saunas, etc.).
  • The product is mounted less than 40 cm away from the shower or the bath.
  • The product is maintained with the abrasive cleaning products.
  • The product is cleaned with the aggressive acids.
  • The extremely warm water was discharged in the washbasin (above 70°C),
  • The customer has modified the product.
  • The product has been in a longer direct contact with water.


To maintain your Framini product, the manufacturer recommends:

Cleaning with a soft cloth and mild soap solution.

Not to discharge the water above 70°C in the washbasin as it may damage the surface of the washbasin.